Danfoss Variable speed BD 35 and BD50 compressor Modules. The yellow labeled model 101N0200  was designed for BD35 compressors only has now been replaced by the 101N0210 module standard on both BD35 and BD50 compressors.

In use since 1998 and still in use today.


By controlling milliamps of current in thermostat circuit from 1 to 5 compressor speed can be adjusted from 2000 rpm to 3500 rpm. Small refrigerated boxes benefit greatly by improved performance at these lower speeds.


 In addition to energy efficiencies with ability of manually lowering compressor speed by changing a plug in resistor modules are all ready set up for a troubleshooting LED. Although model is LED ready some job shops require you to purchase an expensive option in order to get dealer installed LED.

 Circuit and module protection fuse or circuit breaker is not part of module this protection is left up to the installer and instructions from the job shop that assembles the kit.

Electronic control Module model numbers are confusing because the last number identifies how many were in the shipping box. End number 0 stands for one in the box and a 1 stands for 30 in a shipping container. This means that 102N0210 and 101N211 are the same unit.

Compressor manufacturer Danfoss offers several other modules model options than their standard 101N210 model:

  • 101N0220 Module EMI Shielded unit protects against RF noise and other radiated emissions. Introduced in 2003 and still available.